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Faery Dream Pillows


These pillows have been crafted with love and fine ingredients, carefully considered for their traditional properties encouraging sleep, dreams, protection, love, imagination.


There are a limited number of these available, as the mugwort, rose leaf, and lemon verbena came from my own garden.


You will receive one dream pillow and an information sheet which lists all of the amulet ingredients (printed on a tan parchment style paper) as well as a few journal prompts which you may wish to use upon waking.


The pillow fabric is two layers ~ a pale pink suit lining covered with a beautiful sheer blue fabric decorated with iridescent circles. Each pillow has been wrapped with a luscious length of silk yarn. They are about 4” x 4” and nicely puffy. I have slipped one beneath my bedpillow and did not find it to be a distracting lump while sleeping at night (they squish easily). The lavender is the strongest scent while the mugwort adds an earthy element ~ almost that of a light sage or mint. It is distinctive but hard for me to describe!


Faery Dream Pillow is stuffed with generous amounts of wool*, lavender, and mugwort; with rose leaf and lemon verbena also included.


NOTE: This pillow incorporates dried botanicals – this means things like herbs, which in some cases are quite potent. If you have allergies to fragrant things, use your own discretion before purchasing!


*I source my wool from a personal friend who raises sheep. Her sheep are cared for like they are her children and she herself trims their fleeces off each year. Happy fluffy sheep are perfect symbolism for peaceful restful sleep and productive dreams!

Faery Dream Pillows

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