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Faery spell pouches are sweet little bundles of herbs & magick ~ including red cedar, white willow, tansy, rosemary, sunflower seeds, nasturtium, mugwort, white rose, and lavender.


Each one is anointed with an intention-enhancing essential oil upon order. The bundles are enclosed in a reusable silk-blend drawstring pouch that fits in your hand.


Pouch comes ready for you to charge with your energy and carry in a pocket, purse, bookbag; or to place on an altar, or perhaps under a pillow.


Select the color of pouch when ordering (see product photos for example of colors)


Enter the Intention you want in the CUSTOM area.


Intention options include:

Aura cleansing (grapefruit EO)

Banishing (tea tree EO)

Clarity (bergamot EO)

Divination (silver fir EO)

Friendship (lemon EO)

Healing (cinnamon bark EO)

Meditation (clary sage EO)

Prosperity (patchouli EO)

Protection (eucalyptus EO)


You will receive one Faery spell pouch.


NOTE: This amulet incorporates dried botanicals – this means things like herbs, which in some cases are quite potent. If you have allergies to fragrant things, use your own discretion before purchasing!

Faery Spell Pouches, Intention Amulets

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