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Four Elements Faery Amulets


These amulets have been crafted with love, directional & elemental energy,  and fine ingredients. The intentions for their use has been left up to you, the recipient. You may wish to charge them in the manner of your tradition; use them as focal points for meditations or journaling; or simply as adornment in your sacred space.


This set includes one each for the four directions / four elements. You will receive one each of the amulets and an information sheet which lists all of the amulet ingredients (printed on a tan parchment style paper). The amulet fabric is a nice satin / satin brocade, which feels quite delightful to the touch. They are small, about 2” to 3” in total length, just right to hold in the hand or slip into a pocket if so desired.


Amulet of Air incorporates lemon verbena, a bit of yellow feather & agrimony among other things. (yellow, East)


Amulet of Fire incorporates bloodstone, allspice & mandrake root among other things. (red, South)


Amulet of Water incorporates Iceland moss, dittany of Crete & heather among other things. (blue, West)


Amulet of Earth incorporates vervain, patchouly& sage among other things. (green, North)


NOTE: These amulets incorporate dried botanicals – this means things like herbs, which in some cases are quite potent. If you have allergies to fragrant things, use your own discretion before purchasing!

Four Elements Faery Amulets

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