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This is a digital download set of printable grimoire pages representing the four elements as common in contemporary new-age witchcraft such as Wicca - Air, Earth, Fire and Water.  

The information included for each element is:
sense, yin/yang, mantra, planets, astrological signs, chakras, season, tools, time of day, arch-angel, direction, colors, elemental & mythical being, attributes, number, celebration, stones/minerals/sea, herbs/resins/plants/trees, symbol

Enough space has been left on the pages for you to add extra details, information and embellishments.  Each element covers a two-page spread.  

Four .pdf files (Air, Earth, Fire, Water)

regular paper size (8 1/2" x 11")

you may print these as many times as you would like for your personal use.  There is One file, which includes all four elements.

Four Elements grimoire printable

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