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Faery Garden Love Amulets


These amulets have been crafted with love and fine ingredients.  The intention for their use has been left up to you, the recipient. 


Each amulet has been charged with love for a full lunar cycle.  You may wish to additionally charge them in the manner of your tradition.  


There are a limited number of these available, as they have been charged on my altar.  I can only give so much space to a long-term working, as I am sure people understand.


You will receive one protection amulet and an information sheet which lists all of the amulet ingredients (printed on a tan parchment style paper). 


The amulet fabric is a silky red satin, tied with pink floss.  They are small, about 2” to 3” in total length, just right to hold in the hand or slip into a pocket if so desired.  I myself have one on my love&family altar.


Amulet of Love incorporates bloodstone, rose quartz, white rose petals, pink rose buds, rosemary, basil, lotus pod, lemon balm, cinnamon, coriander, clove, star anise, and is anointed with magnolia oil.




NOTE:  This amulet incorporates dried botanicals – this means things like herbs, which in some cases are quite potent.  If you have allergies to fragrant things, use your own discretion before purchasing! 

Love Amulet

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