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Faery Garden magickal salts have been crafted and blended for your use with a touch of whimsy and a burst of faery inspiration.  These salts are part of an endless cauldron of creation ~ ingredients go in, salts come out, a little new is added to the old, and over time the composition changes – bit by bit.  The Faery Magick, however, remains steadfast.

Use these salts as a magickal bath (please do a small skin test first!); as an offering to your house spirits; dissolved in a bucket of water for magickal cleansing of your home.  (test in an inconspicuous area first so you do not damage your floor, counters, cupboards).  You may wish to use as a magickal carpet sprinkle prior to vacuuming.  

These salts aid in cleansing you of unwanted energies and bring in the light-hearted whimsical nature of Faery.  They will also deepen your magickal protections and allow you to establish or enhance a more active relationship with Faery.

Be respectful of their ways and you will benefit in your life.

***Tea bags included to allow for dissolving in water without having herbal matter get everywhere

A little magick goes a long way - just a spoonful or two is all you need.  Each package contains approximately 100ml (1/2 cup) of salt blend.

ingredients: these salts are a mix of quality bath salts, dried botanicals, and essential oils.  It is not a set recipe, though every batch will include both lavender and orange essential oils.  About half the batch is packaged, then new ingredients are added to the remainder as guided by spirit and Faery to mingle together a while before being ready for the next round of packaging.

Magickal Faery Salts

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